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WordPress Responsive Popup Plugin

Slick Popup Pro is a Contact Form 7 popup plugin for WordPress which converts any CF7 form into a slick, beautiful and perfectly responsive popup.


  • Slick and Beautiful – The overall appeal of the popup is quite slick and beautiful.
  • Multiple color schemes – 6 in-built color schemes for easy choice and options to choose your custom colors that go with your theme or logo.
  • 100% Responsive – The popup is perfectly responsive on all screen sizes and works well on all devices.
  • Lightweight and Fast – The code quality is awesome which makes it very lightweight and lightning fast.
  • Easy to Configure – Easy to configure options makes it your last choice once you try it.
  • User Friendly – When it loads, a user finds it very easy to fill-up the form and enquiries increase.
  • Automatic Updates – The Automatic updates in the plugin makes it easy for you to download updates as soon as they are released.
  • Robust Option Panel – A robust options panel that has several options to configure the plugin as per your requirement.
  • Browser Compatible – Thoroughly tested with all major browsers and their widely used versions.


Version 2.1.5 | 26 October 2017

* Fixed: iPhone Text Input Cursor Position Issue
* Fixed: Cookie issue in Auto-popup mode

Version 2.1.4 | 06 September 2017

* Added: Curtain Background Color, Image and Opacity
* Added: New Activation Mode - Forced Popup 
* Added: New side button positions for global form
* Fixed: Ajax-loader on Widgetized Popups
* Improved: Shortcode Builder for Popup Dropdown
* Improved: Admin panel for multiple popups
Improved: Easy to navigate links in edit screen
Removed: Page Options for changing forms on different.

Version 2.1.3 | 10 August 2017

* Fixed: Popup issue with internet explorer
* Added: Ability to load popup on each page load
* Added: Ability to load popup per user session

Version 2.1.2

* Fixed: Issue with autopopup cookie creation
* Fixed: Minor other improvements

Version 2.1 | 13 June 2017

* Added: New animations
* Minor: Code improvements
* Fixed: Color choice bug

Version 2.0 | A Major Update Include New Feature | 29 May 2017

* Added: Multiple popups feature
* Added: Easy shortcode creator
* Added: Activate popup on any HTML Tag
* Added: Popup list screen
* Added: New filters for popups
* Added: New filters for popups
* Changed: jQuery and code structures.
* Changed: Options panel link
* Changed: Few internal function names
* Minor: Code improvements

Version 1.4.3 | 15 May 2017

* Added: Cookie Delay auto and onscroll popup
* Fixed: Minor Fixes    

Version 1.4.2 | 2 March 2017

* Fixed: Minor bugs and help tips

Version 1.4.1 | 3 February 2017

* Added: New filter for changing layout on the go
* Added: New Layout - Full Page Popup
* Added: New Layout - Fixed To Side (Fixed Left, Fixed Right)
* Tested with WP 4.7.2 and CF7 4.6.1

Version 1.4.0 | A major Update | 29 December 2016

* Added: Animation features (5 animations)
* Added: Options to change "Form Background" Styles
* Added: Options to change "Side Button" Styles
* Added: Options to change "Submit Button" Styles
* Added: Import Demos Section added to options panel
* Added: 2 Pre-built Contact Form 7 forms to import
* Improved: Error messages (not-valid-tip) of Contact Form 7 
* Improved: Ability to create single color popup
* Improved: Ajax Loader of the popup
* Tested with WP 4.7 and CF7 4.6
* Ajax Loader updated for compatibility with CF7 4.6

Version 1.3.6

Minor fixes and PHP notice on Search page

Version 1.3.5

Minor fixes and improved code structure

Version 1.3.4

Fixed: On-exit popup fixed
Added: Compatibility with WooCommerce products    

Version 1.3.3

Fixed: Side button position issue fixed  

Version 1.3.2

Fixed: Options panel overriding issue fixed  

Version 1.3.1

Fixed: Issue with on page exit popup
Added: Plugin settings override in WooCommerce products  

Version 1.3 |
A major release many new features enabled

Added: Popup Activation Modes (manually, auto-popup, on-scroll popup, popup on page exit)
Added: Popup Animation Effects
Added: onLoad Effects (fadeIn, fadeInLeft, fadeInRight, fadeInUp, fadeInDown, zoomIn, rotateIn)
Added: unLoad Effects (fadeOut, fadeOutLeft, fadeOutRight, fadeOutUp, fadeOutDown, zoomOut, rotateOut)

Version 1.2

Feature: Choose a different form for any page
Feature: Choose a different side button text
Feature: Choose a different popup heading
Feature: Choose a different call to action text
Update:  Filter 'sppro_dollar_cf7_id' added
Update:  Filter 'sppro_dollar_side_button_text' added
Update:  Filter 'sppro_dollar_popup_heading' added
Update:  Filter 'sppro_dollar_cta_text' added

Version 1.1

Feature: Automatic Updates with purchase /strong
Update: Filter 'sppro_dollar_show' added
Update: Improved coding quality
Others: Testing and improvisations

Version 1.0

Improved features, Pre-built Color schemes, Side Button Position options

Version 0.1

First release

Support & Queries

You can contact us directly via the comments section of the plugin or mail us on

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